Remote Video Surveillance Monitoring

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Remote Video Surveillance Monitoring

Keeping Commercial Job Sites Safe in Real Time.

SiteViewPro provides a helpful mobile surveillance system to observe industrial properties and construction sites as they require short-term and long-term security applications.

Safeguarding assets is a high priority for all businesses. While there are many products available for self-installation or big-box providers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, SiteViewPRO provides customized services second to none. We offer full-spectrum services to provide security for areas of your business susceptible to theft, illegal activity, violence, and damage. In addition to our turn-key surveillance monitoring systems, we offer site evaluation, installation, configuration, and virtual/remote integration specific to your site including the use of app-based products for remote monitoring.

As the leading provider of remote video surveillance monitoring in Texas, SiteViewPRO specializes in monitoring for a variety of sites and solutions including:

    • Construction job sites generally require short-term setups with fixed and mobile monitoring equipment. Fixed cameras allow overall site surveillance, while mobile surveillance trailers can be moved as needed for the best coverage and include facial and object recognition, live video monitoring, cameras with Pan Tilt Zoom, and are solar powered.
    • Car dealerships face theft and property damage more than most storefront businesses, particularly with changing layouts and turnover of inventory. For these sites we use our mobile surveillance units equipped with current night vision monitoring. These systems also have remote viewing capability of remotely triggering alarms and/or sirens.
    • Farms and ranches using our systems are able to monitor livestock, equipment, and crops providing efficiency and ability to focus on issues that arise while providing the security needed for remote systems such as the units mentioned above. In fact, we are the first choice of North Texas Farmers and Ranchers.
    • Oil and gas wells or sites are provided for protecting, monitoring sites is important; however, surveillance can also be used to ensure safety procedures are practiced. SiteViewPRO will provide the equipment appropriate for your site including a variety of solutions including fixed, short-term, wired, night/low-light sight, and with or without internet.
    • Government sites (federal and local) rely on us to ensure the surveillance equipment we design specifically for government meets the security needs of the agency, particularly public security.

SiteViewPRO has additionally customized security for high fence hunting properties, industrial areas, recycling yards, substations, and jobsites. Whether you need short term or long-term remote video surveillance monitoring, including mobile surveillance, SiteViewPRO takes pride in working with you for your site’s needs. We’re always ready for the challenge of providing security services to any business so their assets can be better protected. Contact us now, or view our systems such as the Mobile Surveillance Trailer, Fixed Surveillance Setup, and Mobile Surveillance Skid.