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Mobile Surveillance Trailer Rental Texas

What is Mobile Surveillance Trailer?

Mobile Surveillance Trailer is a configurable platform designed for both short-term and long-term surveillance needs. Security Camera Trailers are used to monitor and record live events, which can deter theft and burglary and can also be used as a potential evidence.

Uses and Benefits of Mobile Surveillance Trailer

Installing and maintaining a video surveillance system in your premises is an intimidating task. But in most of the cases and situations, it has become essential to deploy video surveillance systems to discourage crime. There are various possible reasons that could encourage to install a video security surveillance system for your business.

  • Reduces or prevent crime
  • Real-time surveillance of critical areas
  • Provides clear-proof of incidence
  • Visual evidence of crime for police investigation

Mobile Surveillance Trailers are useful at places like car dealership showrooms, neighborhood areas, places of worship, educational institutes, warehouses, etc. to ensure better security and avoid any potential threats. Here are a few benefits of mobile surveillance trailers:

Reliable Surveillance

A Mobile Surveillance Trailer has 22ft telescopic tower with attached cable. It provides a bird eye view and offers 360-degree constant surveillance of your construction site.  It is more affordable and cost-effective than employing a security guard.

Car Dealership Surveillance Cameras

Ownership of Company assets

Mobile Surveillance Trailer is depreciable and offers some tax cutting benefits.

Live Monitored Video

Walking onto your site one morning, you may discover that some equipment are missing from your construction site. During the investigation you come to know that someone has stolen the video of this moment. Then what will you do?

To avoid this situation, Mobile Surveillance Trailer will play the key role for live monitoring of the construction sites.

Always on Wireless Streaming

Mobile video surveillance can stream live videos either on monitoring station or on your smartphone. It allows you to monitor live videos in real-time at your convenience.

Benefits of Rental Mobile Surveillance

Some businesses by nature, require surveillance systems on temporary bases, such as construction job site, property deployment companies or maybe someone might need security cameras only for the surveillance of any special event. When the job is finished, it does not make sense to continue incurring the cost of surveillance systems.  In all these cases, mobile security surveillance can be taken on rent until the completion of the job and it has the following advantages:

Immediate Cost Saving

You only pay for the surveillance system when you need it.  You can also add the rental cost of a surveillance system in your job costing to customers.

No Service Contract

You need to maintain the surveillance system, when you require it, which is usually included in the rental agreement.

No Obsolescence

You do not have to worry about spending thousands of dollars on upgrades for change in technology.

No downtime

You do not have to wait for installation of the network cables and fixed mount cameras. Contact Site View Pro right now for all of your security needs. We rent, install, and sell solar powered wireless security cameras and mobile surveillance systems in Texas. We evaluate your security needs very closely and recommend the best possible surveillance solution to secure your business and fulfill your surveillance needs in Dallas, Houston, and nearby cities in Texas.

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Why Video Surveillance is important for business?

Video Surveillance is the most controversial topic nowadays, especially where privacy issues are over looming our heads. Importance of video surveillance cannot be understated in the current social climate as it is fundamentally important to ensure the security of your business and employees working for you.

Surveillance systems are becoming more popular due to the increase of theft and crime around us. According to an estimation, 67% of burglaries in businesses can be avoided by installing an advanced security system such as monitoring through outdoor solar powered wireless security cameras. There are 25 million operational CCTV cameras, globally used to deter theft and burglaries.

Security companies have introduced alternative energy sources to save electricity. There are many solar powered surveillance security cameras in Dallas, Houston, and nearby cities in Texas. The most important benefit of solar cameras, is that you can install it anywhere in the world. It even works in the rainy and foggy season without any trouble, but sufficient sunlight is absolutely the best for its operational working.

Importance of Video Surveillance

Solar powered security cameras provide the best video surveillance to your business. Whether your project is short-term or long-term, solar powered security cameras provide you significant benefits:

Saves time and Money

Solar powered security cameras are the best investment for your business. Majority of the users prefer to install wireless security cameras to save money and obviously to keep the environment safe and clean. These security cameras do not require any cables and power grid to work, which can ultimately save a huge amount of money.

Easy to install and move

DIY solar powered security cameras can be installed easily at any desired location. It is a very cost-effective solution as you do not have to install any messy cables. You can easily move your security cameras as and when you complete your project, like if you are working on a construction site, you can move the cameras easily to a new construction site when the work is completed on the older one.

Provides day and night monitoring

Solar Powered Wireless Security Cameras provide day and night monitoring to your business as they are mostly connected with a battery back-up system. The batteries store excess electric power generated by solar panels during the day that can be used to power IP surveillance cameras at night. Wi-Fi security cameras are also packed with a starlight sensor that provides you excellent night vision.

Prevents and Deter Crime

Criminals prefer to target those buildings, where there is no monitoring or a surveillance system installed. Video Surveillance Installation of cameras is enough to deter potential criminals and to prevent their actions at the outset. It is also helpful to prevent break-ins by the outsiders.

Improves Business Productivity

Video Surveillance Cameras are also helpful to keep a fair disciple among employees and increase the productivity of your business. Employees work with their fullest abilities when they know they are being monitored.

When it comes to overall surveillance of your business in Texas, Site View Pro can save you from any threat by installing the best possible video monitoring system. Site View Pro Video Surveillance System will allow you to monitor everything that goes on in and around your business.

Site View Pro’s Wireless Solar Powered Security Cameras provide valuable surveillance services across Houston, Dallas, Richardson, Fort Worth, and nearby cities in Texas. Please Visit our website to learn more about our services https://www.siteviewpro.com/ or contact us at (817) 776-5678 for all your security needs.

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Remote Video Surveillance Monitoring

Remote Video Surveillance Monitoring

Keeping Commercial Job Sites Safe in Real Time.

SiteViewPro provides a helpful mobile surveillance system to observe industrial properties and construction sites as they require short-term and long-term security applications.

Safeguarding assets is a high priority for all businesses. While there are many products available for self-installation or big-box providers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, SiteViewPRO provides customized services second to none. We offer full-spectrum services to provide security for areas of your business susceptible to theft, illegal activity, violence, and damage. In addition to our turn-key surveillance monitoring systems, we offer site evaluation, installation, configuration, and virtual/remote integration specific to your site including the use of app-based products for remote monitoring.

As the leading provider of remote video surveillance monitoring in Texas, SiteViewPRO specializes in monitoring for a variety of sites and solutions including:

    • Construction job sites generally require short-term setups with fixed and mobile monitoring equipment. Fixed cameras allow overall site surveillance, while mobile surveillance trailers can be moved as needed for the best coverage and include facial and object recognition, live video monitoring, cameras with Pan Tilt Zoom, and are solar powered.
    • Car dealerships face theft and property damage more than most storefront businesses, particularly with changing layouts and turnover of inventory. For these sites we use our mobile surveillance units equipped with current night vision monitoring. These systems also have remote viewing capability of remotely triggering alarms and/or sirens.
    • Farms and ranches using our systems are able to monitor livestock, equipment, and crops providing efficiency and ability to focus on issues that arise while providing the security needed for remote systems such as the units mentioned above. In fact, we are the first choice of North Texas Farmers and Ranchers.
    • Oil and gas wells or sites are provided for protecting, monitoring sites is important; however, surveillance can also be used to ensure safety procedures are practiced. SiteViewPRO will provide the equipment appropriate for your site including a variety of solutions including fixed, short-term, wired, night/low-light sight, and with or without internet.
    • Government sites (federal and local) rely on us to ensure the surveillance equipment we design specifically for government meets the security needs of the agency, particularly public security.

SiteViewPRO has additionally customized security for high fence hunting properties, industrial areas, recycling yards, substations, and jobsites. Whether you need short term or long-term remote video surveillance monitoring, including mobile surveillance, SiteViewPRO takes pride in working with you for your site’s needs. We’re always ready for the challenge of providing security services to any business so their assets can be better protected. Contact us now, or view our systems such as the Mobile Surveillance Trailer, Fixed Surveillance Setup, and Mobile Surveillance Skid.