Industries We Serve

Our mission is to provide our clients with advanced surveillance solutions and mobile security cameras to protect your assets and give you peace of mind. We offer remote video monitoring for all types of businesses.


Our construction site surveillance systems utilize remote video monitoring to detect, identify and evaluate suspicious activities to stop crime in its tracks.

Oil & Gas

At Site View Pro, we provide advanced video surveillance solutions to the oil & gas industry. We service companies working in many different areas including pipelines, pump stations, oil rigs, and refineries all across North Texas.

Wildlife & Game Management

Wildlife monitoring and management is one of our passions and our specialty at Site View Pro. We have extensive experience installing surveillance systems in rural and remote areas.

Farm & Ranch

We provide top of the line farm security camera solutions versatile enough to ensure the security of your farm or ranch.

Car Dealership

Car Dealerships face a greater risk of theft, property damage and vandalism than most businesses.

Power & Substation

A reliable, robust, and proactive security system is crucial for an electric power substation.


The constantly changing landscape of a scrap yard presents unique challenges in regards to installing a surveillance system.

Government Facility

At Site View Pro, we take pride in being providing unrivaled security and surveillance systems for Federal and U.S. Government sites.