Security Camera Trailer Re-rental Program

Integrate in 1-2-3


At SiteViewPro, we understand that as an integrator, maximizing return on investment (ROI) is crucial for your business. With the evolving security landscape, you’re always on the hunt for solutions that aren’t just innovative, but also profitable. Our security camera trailers have been meticulously designed to not just serve as a premium security solution, but also to bolster the ROI for integrators like you.

Unmatched Benefits for Integrators:
  • Versatility in Application:

    Whether it's a construction site, a special event, or a temporary installation, our security camera trailers can be deployed swiftly, ensuring security in diverse settings.

  • Cutting-edge Technology:

    Outfitted with the latest camera technology, our trailers capture high-resolution footage, providing end clients with clarity and peace of mind.

  • Low Maintenance:

    Our robust design and top-quality materials ensure that maintenance requirements are minimal, leading to increased savings for you and your clients.

  • User-friendly Interface:

    Simplified yet powerful user interfaces ensure your clients can monitor their premises with ease, further enhancing the value proposition.

  • Unlimited Live Video Streaming & Playback

    Watch your project live and review any past video events 24/7 from the app with no extra fees or surprise charges.

Partnership Opportunities
with SiteViewPro

We are more than just a product provider; we aim to be your strategic partner. By offering our security camera trailers to integrators, we’re not just supplying a product – we’re offering an opportunity. An opportunity to:

Expand Offerings

Differentiate yourself in the market by offering high-end security solutions, widening your service range.

Increased Profit Margins

With competitive pricing and minimal maintenance costs, our trailers offer a lucrative ROI.

Satisfied Clients

The efficiency and quality of our products translate to happy and secure clients, leading to repeat business and referrals.


Texas and surrounding states.

Yes. We can provide a fully operational turnkey revenue producing trailer that includes (2)
Motorized zoom turret cameras and (1) Auto-tracking 25X PTZ camera. Customized thermal camera options available upon request.

Yes. We have a proven cloud VMS that we know works and will work well for you. Site View
Pro pure cloud video surveillance system is a cutting edge cloud video solution with the features
of a enterprise video management solution. No on-board recorders required with minimal

Of course! We can provide camera trailers with no signage and offer customized co-branding
and white label package options with ready to go remote monitoring station access.