Mobile Surveillance Trailer Rental Texas

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What is Mobile Surveillance Trailer?

Mobile Surveillance Trailer is a configurable platform designed for both short-term and long-term surveillance needs. Security Camera Trailers are used to monitor and record live events, which can deter theft and burglary and can also be used as a potential evidence.

Uses and Benefits of Mobile Surveillance Trailer

Installing and maintaining a video surveillance system in your premises is an intimidating task. But in most of the cases and situations, it has become essential to deploy video surveillance systems to discourage crime. There are various possible reasons that could encourage to install a video security surveillance system for your business.

  • Reduces or prevent crime
  • Real-time surveillance of critical areas
  • Provides clear-proof of incidence
  • Visual evidence of crime for police investigation

Mobile Surveillance Trailers are useful at places like car dealership showrooms, neighborhood areas, places of worship, educational institutes, warehouses, etc. to ensure better security and avoid any potential threats. Here are a few benefits of mobile surveillance trailers:

Reliable Surveillance

A Mobile Surveillance Trailer has 22ft telescopic tower with attached cable. It provides a bird eye view and offers 360-degree constant surveillance of your construction site.  It is more affordable and cost-effective than employing a security guard.

Car Dealership Surveillance Cameras

Ownership of Company assets

Mobile Surveillance Trailer is depreciable and offers some tax cutting benefits.

Live Monitored Video

Walking onto your site one morning, you may discover that some equipment are missing from your construction site. During the investigation you come to know that someone has stolen the video of this moment. Then what will you do?

To avoid this situation, Mobile Surveillance Trailer will play the key role for live monitoring of the construction sites.

Always on Wireless Streaming

Mobile video surveillance can stream live videos either on monitoring station or on your smartphone. It allows you to monitor live videos in real-time at your convenience.

Benefits of Rental Mobile Surveillance

Some businesses by nature, require surveillance systems on temporary bases, such as construction job site, property deployment companies or maybe someone might need security cameras only for the surveillance of any special event. When the job is finished, it does not make sense to continue incurring the cost of surveillance systems.  In all these cases, mobile security surveillance can be taken on rent until the completion of the job and it has the following advantages:

Immediate Cost Saving

You only pay for the surveillance system when you need it.  You can also add the rental cost of a surveillance system in your job costing to customers.

No Service Contract

You need to maintain the surveillance system, when you require it, which is usually included in the rental agreement.

No Obsolescence

You do not have to worry about spending thousands of dollars on upgrades for change in technology.

No downtime

You do not have to wait for installation of the network cables and fixed mount cameras. Contact Site View Pro right now for all of your security needs. We rent, install, and sell solar powered wireless security cameras and mobile surveillance systems in Texas. We evaluate your security needs very closely and recommend the best possible surveillance solution to secure your business and fulfill your surveillance needs in Dallas, Houston, and nearby cities in Texas.

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